Ways to Know Opponent’s Cards In Domino Game

In Domino game, knowing the opponents’ card is the most important part. Just same as in Poker game, there are a lot of tricks and tips to know about the opponents’ cards. Basically every person they must have their own tricks and it must be different one another.

To make our cards cannot be read by the opponents, we must be calm and focus on the opponents, do not until you get into your emotion. If you get emotion in this game, your cards will be easily read by the opponents and it would make you lost in the game. So the main point to know about the opponents’ cards is we have to be calm and focus.


As we know that there are twenty-eight cards, each card has its own value which is represented by the circle. In the general terms of Domino game. The first person who can do his/her first turn is the person who won the previous game and it is so with the second and the next persons afterward.

There are a lot of styles to play this game, in every country this game would be played in the different styles. So many lessons that can be taken from this games. For example, this game teaches us how to concentrate more, and train our concentration and focus, besides that, this game also teaches us to make one daftar situs judi bola online terpercaya decision or step and we can also learn from a failure. From this game also, we will able to know about each character of our opponents, are they playing in the aggressive way, conservative, or a humble person. So those are the advantage that we can get from this game, though this game is commonly considered as the negative game.